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How Does the Texas Bail Bond Process Work?

How do I post bail and get out of jail? Denton County bail bondsman

Doc's Bail Bonds Case Example

If you are arrested by a police officer and taken into custody, you will want to act quickly to get released. Since this is not a situation that most people are prepared for, you are probably not familiar with the process that is followed to post bail and get out of jail. Whether you are looking to get out of jail or need to post bail for your friend or family member, Doc's Bail Bonds can provide the help you need. We can assist you from any of our office locations, and we will offer you affordable payment options or financing plans to make sure you can pay bail and get out of jail fast.

An Example Bail Bond Situation

You may be arrested and charged with a crime in a variety of situations. One issue that may lead to an arrest is the destruction of a road fixture. If you accidentally run your vehicle into a telephone pole or a sign, you can be arrested and taken to jail on that charge. You may then contact your mother, father, or friend and ask them to post bail for you. This offense is a class B misdemeanor, and the bond is normally $500 to $750.

When your loved one contacts Doc's Bail Bonds, we let will them know they need to come up to our office to co-sign the bond, because every bond needs a co-signer in addition to the person arrested. The co-signer must be over the age of 21, employed, not on bond or probation, and living in their residence for at least a year, which shows stability. They will also need to bring their driver's license to ensure that you will have a ride to and from court. Generally, on a Class B misdemeanor, we charge $150, and this amount will be paid by the co-signer.

The co-signer comes to our office, fills out and signs the paperwork, and pays us the $150. We will then give them the bond, and they will go to the jail where you are being held, post the bond, and pay a posting fee of $15. You will then be released from custody.

Checking In On Your Case

After being released, your loved one will bring you to our office so we can get your information, and we will let you know that you will need to check in with us by phone on a weekly basis. These check-ins usually only take about 30 seconds. We will let you know how to find out about your court dates, and during regular check-ins, we will remind you to continue to check court dates until your court case is done. We will also give you a courtesy call when a court date is set. However, it is your responsibility to know your court dates and to make it to court on time when required.

When your court case is resolved, we will receive our money back from the county. The $150 paid by the co-signer to secure your release is our fee for posting the bond and ensuring that you complete the steps required during your case.

Contact Doc's Bail Bonds to Post Bail and Get Out of Jail

We provide fast, affordable, and reliable bail bond services throughout North Texas. We have experience bailing people out of city and county jails, and if you are not located near where your loved one is being held, we can meet with you at any of our offices, or we can assist you and accept payment over the phone or complete paperwork using email or fax. Contact us today at our offices in Dallas, McKinney, Denton, Garland, Sherman, or Bonham.

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