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If you found out about an active warrant for your arrest, you may have a hundred thoughts running through your mind. For what? Is the Dallas Police Department (DPD) looking for you? Can you drive?

Before anything, you must know exactly why you have a warrant, and what it's for. Depending on who you are, you may know exactly what it's for. Other times, it may simply be due to forgetting to pay a ticket (which is common). Before you take any steps towards trying to resolve this situation, you must know the details of your warrant. Some examples of key information you need to know are:

  • Why you have a warrant
  • When it became effective
  • Which district, county, or state it applies

While your warrant notice (the letter) states all the above information, it never hurts to learn more. With your unique case number (as stated in the letter), you can find your detailed records either online or over the phone.

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