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McKinney bail bonds agent

If you have watched any crime TV shows or read flashy headlines on the cover of celebrity magazines, you have likely seen astronomical bail amounts, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. Depending on the alleged crime that the arrested party is facing, this number can greatly shift. In some cases, bail may not even be an option for the alleged criminal. The purpose of these high costs is to keep these individuals facing criminal charges from fleeing the instant that they are released from confinement. For those facing an extremely high bail amount and who are unable to afford the cost, assistance from a bail bonds agent is a valid possibility. Some defendants may think they are in the clear once the money is transferred, not realizing the various other terms that may come along with posting bail.

Pretrial Check-Ins

In a similar manner as probation, some individuals on bail will be required to meet with a pretrial service officer on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that the bailed-out party is abiding by the court’s bail orders or conditions. These periodic meetings will also help monitor the whereabouts of the charged party.

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