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Collin County bail bonds issuer DUI

There are many reasons a person may be arrested and booked into one of the jails in North Texas. While some types of criminal charges, such as violent crimes or sex crimes, are very serious, others, such as shoplifting, may seem less so, since they will likely have less severe consequences. Driving while intoxicated, or DWI, falls somewhere between these two extremes, and a person who is arrested may be unsure about the procedures that will be followed and the steps they will need to take to get out of jail.

Bail Amounts for DWI Arrests

Whenever a person is arrested and charged with a crime, a judge will set certain conditions to determine whether the defendant can be released. In some cases, a person may be “released on his or her own recognizance,” and the accused will agree to show up in court on a specified date without being required to pay any money. However, in most DWI cases, a judge will set an amount of bail that must be paid before a person can be released.

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