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Collin County bail bonds issuer

In most cases, when a person is arrested, he or she will be required to pay a certain amount of bail before he or she can be released. This amount will be set by a judge based on the specific crimes a person is charged with along with other factors, such as the risk that the person will not show up as required for future court hearings. Usually, the fastest way to get released from jail is to obtain a bail bond. However, there may be some rare situations where a person will be denied bail and required to remain in jail until his or her trial.

What Is Preventive Detention?

If a person is held in prison without being allowed to post bail and get released, this is known as preventive detention. This type of detention is usually only used in situations where a person has a criminal history and is accused of offenses that would make him or her a risk to public safety if he or she was released before trial. Texas law allows preventive detention in the following types of cases:

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