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3 Reasons Time-Sensitive Bail Bonds Matter

 Posted on April 06, 2019 in Bail Bonds

If you've ever been charged and arrested for a crime in Dallas, you know how time-consuming—and expensive—it is. This is especially true in Dallas and Collin County, where there are hundreds of inmates detained in jail for long periods of time—even for small crimes. In fact, according to a national survey, 70% of inmates detained in United States jails have not been convicted of a crime. While this is largely due to affordability and expensive bail bonds, there's another factor many forget. Many inmates end up staying in jail for long periods of time because of slow paperwork. While a small amount of this is due to understaffing, the main reason for slow paperwork is the bail bonds companies themselves.

After being arrested in Dallas County, inmates most likely go to the Dallas County Jail. Of course, this depends on the nature of the crime and the criminal themselves. Even paperwork for the smallest of crimes—involving jail time—can take too long for most bail bondsmen. A class A misdemeanor (the most severe of low crimes) results in up to one year in jail. While misdemeanors may be seem easy to process, for many bail bondsmen, they're not.

Don't Wait in Jail

However, people arrested for a crime don't have to wait in jail at all. Doc's Bail Bonds is not only open 24/7, but is the fastest bail bondsmen in Dallas County. While many think getting a bail bond is all about the money, they forget about how crucial the time factor is. Below are three basic reasons why time-sensitivity is the most important feature in a bail bonds company:

  • Employment status
  • Unexpected business hours
  • Money

So a friend or family member is in a Dallas jail, and their bond has been set. What's the next thing you do? First, let's establish the time and day of the week of arrest.


Many workers would agree that if they had to stay a night in jail, they'd prefer the weekend. This is obvious, as it won't necessarily interfere with work. However, not everyone is this lucky, and not everyone faces unexpected arrest on a Saturday. Since so many arrests happen during the week, risk of losing one's job is the main concern of many detainees and inmates.

While most think they can get out of jail as soon as the money is received, this simply isn't true in most cases. Unfortunately, even after paying for a bail bond, many companies act too slowly or miss cut-off times. Examples of these would be shift changes, unexpected breaks, or adjusting hours. This results in inmates staying in jail for hours or even days longer than expected. Doc's Bail Bonds understands that detainees and inmates in jail are painfully aware of every minute that passes by—and we act on it.

A lot of bail bonds companies don't take into account the inmate's personal lives, families, or employment. Even if they do, they might not make financial decisions on the spot, as soon as a call is received. They'll wait until either their lunch is over, their shifts change, or until they want to. After being arrested for a crime, the first thing most inmates worry about are their jobs—and we care just as much. The workplace goes on, regardless of an employee's personal situation. This is why Doc's Bail Bonds firmly believes that time-sensitivity is of crucial importance, and is also why we're the fastest bail bonds company in Dallas.

Business Hours

While jails are usually operating 24/7, they still operate under business hours—like any establishment. They can be understaffed, experience unexpected shift changes, consist of employees that take long breaks, etc. All at the inmates' expense. Doc's Bail Bonds understands that with jails—especially populous ones—every minute counts. This is why we do everything in our power to make sure you return to your life as soon as possible. We make sure to act immediately when releasing an inmate. Being even five minutes late can cost hours—or days—that people simply can't afford.

Doc's Bail Bonds offers speedy services for people in jail throughout Dallas, Collin, and Denton County. While there are numerous jails throughout these counties, Doc's Bail Bonds' professional agents serve each one. We believe everyone should have the option to get out of jail as fast as possible, accessing the fastest bail bondsmen in North Texas. When searching for a bail bond company, it's important to find one with an excellent reputation, stability, and speed. Even if you aren't immediately sure or need more information, our experts are always available to sit down with you and offer their knowledge, experience, and advice (for free!). Doc's Bail Bonds always offers free consultations.

Save Money

It's extremely important to remember that you'll end up paying more out of your pocket the longer you wait in jail. If you end up staying longer than you have to, fees you may not be aware of start piling up. For example, if your car was towed after being arrested, the cost of retrieving it increases every hour. Waiting even a couple hours longer than you have to in jail can end up costing hundreds of extra dollars and impound fees. Additionally, every hour spent in jail is an hour missing from your paycheck. Being in jail during the week is every employee's worst nightmare; even if their employment status is secured, they're losing money every day.

When choosing a bail bond company, always consider their concern for others' lives. Doc's Bail Bonds of Dallas is the perfect example of an honest, genuine company that places people's lives high on their priorities. Time-sensitivity is one of our largest pillars of values, as we've seen the horrible impacts acting slow has on people's lives throughout our years in this industry.

If you're still not sure, that's no problem. You can call our office with any questions you may have, any time. Additionally, you're more than welcome to stop by the Dallas office for a free consultation anytime. The professionals at Doc's Bail Bonds makes sure to help develop the most effective, fastest plan for any detainee in any jail throughout Dallas, Collin, and Denton County. Our experts will use their experience in helping you decide where to go, how to act, and how to navigate the legal bail bonds system—which can be stressful. Doc's Bail Bonds' experienced professionals are standing by 24/7, ready to help in any situation that calls for our speedy services.

Time Matters. Don't Wait

If you know someone currently detained in jail in North Texas, don't wait. The longer they stay there, the more difficult and expensive it is to return to their regular lives. The professionals at Doc's Bail Bonds know this very well, and we're ready to act as quickly as possible—on the spot. With Dallas, Denton, and Collin County's fastest bail bonds service, you can help an inmate save hundreds of dollars with each hour that passes by. We can achieve this with no time to waste, on-the-spot approvals and action, with the speediest agents in Dallas, Collin, and Denton County. Doc's Bail Bonds' professionals are standing by, ready to help you release an inmate from jail, with North Texas' fastest response time.

Is someone you know in jail right now? Call or visit our office—let's help you get started.

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