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Types of Bail Bonds Used in Texas

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Dallas bail bondsmanTexas allows four main types of bail bonds to help defendants get released from jail before their court date. A Texas bail bond agent, also known as a bondsmen, can provide these different bonds with the goal of ensuring defendants appear in court.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds require defendants or their family and friends to provide the entire bail amount set by the court in cash. Once the case concludes, as long as the defendants attend all court dates, the cash goes back to whoever paid it. Cash bonds allow defendants to get released from custody immediately without needing a bail bond agent. However, paying the full bail amount upfront can present a financial challenge.

Surety Bonds

With surety bonds, bail bond companies provide a written guarantee to the court that they will pay the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear. Defendants pay bail bond agents a nonrefundable fee, usually 10%-15% of the bail amount. If defendants miss court, bond agents are incentivized to locate and surrender them to avoid owing the court more money. Surety bonds provide the ability to get out of jail without putting up the entire bail amount themselves. These are the most common types of bonds in Texas.


Dallas bail bondsman professionalBeing arrested for assault in Texas can be scary and confusing. Understanding your options for posting bail and bonding out of jail quickly is crucial. You deserve to know how a Texas bail bondsman can help get your loved one out of jail after an assault charge. A Texas bail bondsman can help you.

How Bail is Set for Assault in Texas

In Texas, bail is set during an initial appearance hearing within 48 hours of the arrest. The judge considers factors like criminal history, flight risk, danger to the community and victim, and evidence. Bail for assault ranges widely based on severity. Simple assault bail may be $500-$1,500, while aggravated assault involving a weapon or injury can be $5000-$15,000 or higher.

Using a Bail Bondsman in Texas

After bail is set, you can use a bail bondsman to post bond and get released from jail to await trial without paying the entire bail amount. Texas law allows bail bondsmen to charge a nonrefundable fee of up to 10% of the bail amount. This fee is paid to the bondsman, who posts a surety bond with the court for the entire bail amount.


Can Anyone Use a Bail Bondsman?

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Dallas bail bond professionalIf you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Texas requiring bail for release until trial, using a professional bail bondsman can provide an accessible option to get out of jail quickly. But who actually qualifies for bail bond services, and what restrictions exist? Gaining clarity is of crucial importance, and a Texas Bail Bondsman can help you and your situation.

Understanding the Role of a Texas Bail Bondsman

When judges set bail during an initial appearance, defendants must either pay the full bail amount themselves or use a licensed bail bondsman. Acting as a surety, a bail bondsman provides a bond to the court that guarantees the total bail will get paid if the defendant fails to properly appear in court as mandated.

This allows pretrial release from jail without needing to pay the entire bail amount upfront. The defendant, usually through a co-signer relative or friend, pays the bail bondsman a non-refundable fee instead. This is typically 10 of the full bail set. The bondsman then assumes legal and financial responsibility for covering the remaining bail balance if the defendant doesn’t show up.


McKinney bail bonds professionalBeing arrested and jailed in Texas is an exceptionally difficult situation for accused individuals and relatives. However, professional bail bondsmen have specialized expertise that provides critical assistance through the entire release process and beyond. Their comprehensive services simplify complex procedures while reducing jail time. This blog explains the in-depth ways a bail bonds agent assists at every phase:

Expediting the Bond Approval Process

Following your arrest, bail bond agents quickly compile necessary paperwork, including the bail application, bond indemnity agreement, and any affidavits required by the court. The bondsman personally delivers the completed package to the court clerk for review. Their familiarity with clerks often allows faster approval than self-filing. Bondsmen also proactively fix any application issues that could cause denial or delays. Their efficiency gets bonds approved rapidly, so detention is minimized.

Offering Options for Covering Your Bail

Families scrambling to afford the full bail amount upfront creates unnecessary hardship. Bail bond companies offer financing plans requiring a percentage of bail costs as a starting point. Through customized monthly installments, bail becomes accessible at any budget. Every bail bondsman has their own guidelines. Doc Bail Bond’s requires 10% of the bail amount upfront. For more serious crimes, the amount increases.


What to Expect When Posting Bail in Texas

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TX bail bondsmanGetting arrested and having to secure a bond with a bondsman in Texas can be a complex process for both those arrested and their family and friends. Knowing what to expect with the bail bond process and timeline can help make this situation much easier to navigate.

Booking and Bail Setting

After being arrested, you will first be booked and processed at the local jail facility. Your charges will be recorded, fingerprints and mugshots taken, and background checked. Within 48 hours, typically, you will go before a criminal magistrate judge who will consider the charges and set the bail amount required for pretrial release. Bail can range widely from $500-$50,000+ depending on the offense.

Considering Your Bail Bond Options

Once your bail is formally set by the court, friends or family members on the outside can start getting you released by posting bond. At this stage, there are two options–your family/friends can post the full bail amount themselves directly with the court, or more commonly, they can use a bail bonds company. Using a bondsman only requires paying 10-15% of the total bail amount as a non-refundable premium.

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