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4 Crimes That May Result in Arrests During the Holidays

 Posted on November 29, 2021 in Bail Bonds

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_248801596.jpgThe holiday season, which lasts between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, is usually thought of as an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, give and receive gifts, and enjoy time off work. Unfortunately, nothing can ruin this season like being arrested and charged with a crime. When a person is arrested, they and their loved ones will want to determine how they can get out of jail as soon as possible, which will help avoid any issues that could affect their ability to spend time with loved ones, as well as their employment and income. By posting bail after a person is arrested, they can get released quickly and avoid problems that could affect their holiday plans.

Common Criminal Offenses During the Holiday Season

Reasons for criminal arrests during the holidays may include:

  • Driving while intoxicated - Many people attend holiday parties, including family get-togethers, events at friends’ homes, and gatherings at bars and restaurants. These parties often involve alcoholic beverages, and some people may also use other substances. When driving home from these events, police officers may pull a person over, and they may decide to arrest them on DWI charges. In these cases, a person will not only need to understand how they can be released from custody, but they will also need to determine whether their driver’s license will be suspended and whether they will need to find other methods of transportation.

  • Retail theft - Stores are very busy during the holiday shopping season, and in the midst of large crowds and ongoing activity, a person may be accused of stealing merchandise. To protect their financial interests, store owners will often choose to press charges against those who have committed shoplifting, price tag switching, or other forms of theft.

  • Package theft - Many people do their holiday shopping online, and this has led to more and more packages being delivered to people’s homes. This has made it all too easy for packages to be stolen from porches and doorsteps. In some cases, a person may be arrested and charged with package theft if they were allegedly caught stealing items on a home security camera.

  • Domestic violence - People can be under a lot of stress during the holidays, and conflicts between family members can sometimes lead to physical violence, especially when alcohol or drugs are involved. If a person is arrested based on accusations of domestic violence or domestic abuse, they may not only face criminal charges, but they may also need to address restraining orders that may affect their ability to spend time with their family during holiday celebrations.

Contact Our Collin County Bail Agents

If you or a person you care about have been arrested on one of the above charges or for any other reason, you will want to determine how to get out of jail and return to your holiday activities, while also addressing any other issues that may affect you and your family. At Doc’s Bail Bonds, we can help you follow the right steps to post bail quickly. We will work with you to determine the most affordable methods of paying for a bail bond, ensuring that you will be able to continue to meet your financial needs during the holidays. Contact a Plano bail bondsman 24/7 by calling 972-562-6057.

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