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5 Common Holiday Crimes That Land People in Jail

 Posted on November 17, 2019 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

Identity theft is still a problem today. According to a 2019 study by Javelin Strategy and Research, 14.4 million people in America fell victim to identity fraud in 2018, representing a total of $14.7 billion dollars in losses.

But how is it that so much crime happens during the holidays? Many people observe the chaos of the season and determine to take advantage of the shopping rushes, charitable giving, and unoccupied homes to commit acts of crime spanning the whole nation. Even with the police ramping up their vigilance during the holidays, somebody's holiday out there is ruined by those on the loose during this festive season.

Here's a list of the top five most common crimes during the holidays and how to avoid falling victim to them.

Identity Theft

Where there's online shopping, there's identity theft. As mentioned above, it's a very real threat to those going about purchasing items this holiday season as well as year-round. But identity theft experts have a way of stealing personal information, including a social security number and credit card number, by means of pretexting, phishing, skimming, and old-fashioned physical stealing.

To protect yourself, check your monthly statements regularly. Balance your checkbook, ensure all your information is secured, and review credit reports. If you witness a large drop in your credit score all of a sudden, you can bet you're identity has been stolen.


Robbery is notoriously common during the holidays, due to the increase in cash flowing in and the noted distraction of crowds shopping for goods. Be careful – even in parking lots, on the street, and near stores, thieves may either pickpocket you or ask your wallet. Some simply watch when you put down your purse or coat containing all your information. Robbery is, in fact, one of the quickest and easiest holiday crimes criminals flock to in almost every corner of the world this time of year.

Keep your belongings near you at all times and out of reach of criminals. Don't hesitate to yell if you suspect someone is taking your belongings – that person may drop them on the way out to avoid trouble. And call your credit card company as soon as you've suspected something has happened so that anyone who's absconded with your wallet won't have a chance at spending anything. It's good practice to carry less than $50 in cash wherever you go, just in case.


Like robbery, shoplifting ramps up in the holiday season. Christmastime is the all-time-high season for shoplifters, a crime punishable by a permanent record and time in prison, and those prone to shoplifting like to seize the moment in large and distracted crowds during the holidays. According to an Adweek report, one person out of 11 commits shoplifting – and retailers predict to lose $119 billion this year alone in stolen goods.

Don't be a statistic – if caught, shoplifting is a real crime that faces fines and jail time, not to mention a permanent record. Stores must be watchful to see if they suspect a shoplifter, and will follow them around the premises to discourage them from taking anything off the shelves.

Drunk Driving

One crime that is the unfortunate cause of death for many during the holidays is drunk driving – and the holidays have proved time and again that it's the most dangerous time to be out and about on the road. Not only must you be prepared to face reckless driving when heading around town, especially at night, but you must stay sober yourself and designate a driver. In many first-time drunk driving accidents, the driver never thought they'd be the ones to lose focus and send someone else flying off the road.


Vehicle theft is a problem during the holidays since burglars are looking in through the windows of cars to find whatever they can steal. If they find what they're looking for, burglars may attempt to break in and steal valuables. However, simply having a car alarm, locking doors, hiding valuables – not to mention owning a car-lock for your wheel that prevents burglars from stealing the car altogether – will deter most burglars from breaking and entering.

In the home, install a home alarm system that can keep out any intruders should you and your family leave the premises, especially for a long time. Don't take any chances with home burglaries – make sure you know that anyone staking out a house will think someone is home with on-and-off hallway lights, living room lights, and porch lights. And protect your laptop, jewelry, cash, or electronics just in case.

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