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Are Burglary Arrests More Common in the Summer?

 Posted on July 17, 2023 in Bail Bonds

Plano Bail Bond ProfessionalsBurglary is a serious criminal offense that involves the unlawful entry of a structure with the intent to commit a crime. This offense may be classified as either residential or commercial burglary, depending on whether burglary was committed in a private home or a place of business. Burglary may involve theft, as well as violence against the people in a building or other illegal activities. As such, law enforcement agencies take burglary seriously. People who are arrested on charges related to burglary will need to understand how to proceed, including how they can post bail and be released from police custody.

Burglary Statistics

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that over one million burglaries take place each year in the United States. The months when burglaries happen most often are June, July, and August. Most burglaries take place during the daytime when people are away from home. However, in around one out of every four residential burglary cases, a person is at home when the offense occurs.

Burglary Charges in Texas

Those who have been arrested for burglary will need to understand what crimes they are accused of committing and the potential penalties they may face if they are convicted. In Texas, burglary is defined as entering a building that is not open to the public with the intent of committing certain types of crimes, including theft, assault, or any other offenses classified as felonies.

Burglary may involve breaking into a home or entering a store or other commercial building while it is closed. This charge may also apply if a person enters a building legally, but remains concealed in the building while intending to steal something or commit another crime. Notably, placing any part of the body or any tool connected to a person's body in a building may be considered burglary. For example, burglary charges may apply if a person reached inside a window in order to steal an object.

A person accused of burglary may be charged with a state jail felony if they are accused of breaking into or otherwise entering a commercial building. Charges may increase to a third degree felony if a person allegedly broke into a commercial building such as a pharmacy in order to steal controlled substances. If burglary occurred in a home or residence, the offense may be charged as a second degree felony. Residential burglary charges may be increased to a first degree felony if a person intended or attempted to commit a felony other than theft, such as sexual assault. In addition to burglary, a person may face criminal charges for any other related offenses that they are accused of committing or attempting to commit.

Depending on the severity of the charges, bail may be set at a high amount following a burglary arrest. If a person is accused of entering a building in an attempt to commit a violent crime such as aggravated assault or murder, it is likely that they will be required to pay tens of thousands of dollars in bail before they can be released. While bail may be lower in cases involving non-violent crimes, other factors may influence the amount of bail, such as previous convictions or the possibility that a person will flee the area in order to escape criminal prosecution.

Contact Our Plano Bail Bond Professionals

When you need to pay bail, obtaining a bail bond is often your best option, since you will usually only be required to pay 10 percent of the full amount of bail set by a judge. At Doc's Bail Bonds, we can help you get released quickly after being arrested for burglary. We offer easy, affordable payment options, and we are ready to help you at any time of the day or night. Contact a Collin County bail bondsman today at 214-747-4110 to get immediate help following an arrest. 


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