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Bail Bonds and Sexual Assault Charges: How Do the Courts Handle?

 Posted on July 16, 2018 in Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are not an exact science. Depending on the charge you face, it can be anywhere from minuscule to too-expensive-to-afford even by the 10 percent posting standards. 

Sexual assault is one of the more serious charges that will give a judge pause before he decides a case is bond-eligible. While a recent sexual assault bail amount in Spain was set at the U.S. equivalent of just $7,000, our country — and especially, the state of Texas — takes the charge more serious. 

Even so, there are a variety of factors in play before a final amount can be determined (or if the case will be bail-eligible at all). Let's have a look at each one.

Is There Risk of Immediate Harm? 

The court will look at the nature of the sexual assault charge, the background of the alleged perpetrator, and their proximity to the victim when making the determination if an immediate harm exists (i.e., is there a significant chance of recurrence during the time the alleged attacker is free). It also should be noted that immediate harm could apply to the accused. If he or she is a danger to themselves, the court may prefer them to be under closer supervision. Furthermore, if a family member of the alleged victim has made threats and presents a plausible danger to the accused, it may be best to hold them in protective custody. 

Is the Accused Likely to Skip Town? 

An accused individual with the means or the history of running from responsibility will get closer scrutiny when the court decides on bond eligibility. And in cases where the bond is granted anyway, the possibility of a flight risk could still be used to determine the bond amount, thus setting a large enough incentive on the accused so they won't skip town. 

Are There Other Warrants?

A history of felonious behavior can cause a judge to set the bail amount higher than usual, or it can convince the judge not to allow bail at all. By the same token, existing warrants can play a role in the final bail amount, as can the legal immigration status of the accused. For example, if the accused has committed a crime while illegally in the country, it can trigger federal involvement. 

So How Much? 

So much depends on the nature of the case, and we've seen amounts that range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $500,000. Regardless of the amount, it's important to work with a company that knows the bail bond process intimately and can expedite any bond-eligible cases with intelligence. If you or a loved one is facing this serious charge, give us a call or drop by the website today.

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