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Can a Person Be Released on Bail After a Probation Violation?

 Posted on January 19, 2022 in Bail Bonds

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_541543768.jpgIn many cases, people who are charged with criminal offenses will receive sentences of community supervision, which is more commonly known as probation. This will allow them to avoid serving time in prison, continue living in their community, and maintain employment. However, there are a number of restrictions that will apply to a person during a period of probation, and violating these restrictions may result in an arrest. A person who has been arrested based on a probation violation will want to understand the steps they can take to address this issue, including whether they may be able to obtain a bail bond that will allow them to be released from police custody.

Understanding Probation Violations

Generally, when a person is sentenced to probation, they will need to meet a number of ongoing requirements, and they may be restricted from participating in certain activities. These restrictions and requirements may include:

  • Maintaining steady employment

  • Passing regular drug tests to show that they have not used controlled substances

  • Participating in drug treatment programs or attending regular alcoholics anonymous meetings

  • Refraining from engaging in criminal activity or associating with certain people

  • Checking in with a probation officer on a regular basis

  • Performing community service at scheduled dates and times

  • Meeting obligations to pay child support or other forms of family support

  • Paying fines, fees, court costs, or restitution

  • Staying within a limited geographical area

Violating any of these requirements or restrictions may result in a judge issuing a warrant for the person’s arrest. Some of the most common violations involve failing drug tests, not showing up for an appointment with a probation officer, failing to meet community service requirements, or being accused of a new criminal offense. 

Whether a person will be able to be released on bail may depend on the terms of their probation. In cases where a person received deferred adjudication probation, meaning that the criminal charges against them will be dropped once they complete their period of probation, bail will usually be set following an arrest for a probation violation. However, if a person was convicted of a crime and received probation after serving a jail sentence or instead of being sentenced to prison, a judge may not set bail after a probation violation arrest. In these cases, a person’s attorney may still be able to request that bail be set, allowing the person to be released until a hearing can be held to determine whether a probation violation occurred.

Contact Our Dallas Bail Agents for Help With Probation Violations

Depending on the terms of probation and the types of violations that a person is accused of, bail may be set at a high amount. At Doc’s Bail Bonds, we can help you post bail for yourself or a friend or family member, and we will work to make sure you will be able to afford to pay the required amount. If necessary, we can also put you in touch with an attorney who can provide you with representation during your case, and we can contact jail personnel or law enforcement officials to ensure that you will be able to be released quickly after posting bail. To get help with these issues and get out of jail quickly, contact a Dallas County bail bondsman by calling 214-747-4110.

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