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Can Anyone Use a Bail Bondsman?

 Posted on October 26, 2023 in Bail Bonds

Dallas bail bond professionalIf you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Texas requiring bail for release until trial, using a professional bail bondsman can provide an accessible option to get out of jail quickly. But who actually qualifies for bail bond services, and what restrictions exist? Gaining clarity is of crucial importance, and a Texas Bail Bondsman can help you and your situation.

Understanding the Role of a Texas Bail Bondsman

When judges set bail during an initial appearance, defendants must either pay the full bail amount themselves or use a licensed bail bondsman. Acting as a surety, a bail bondsman provides a bond to the court that guarantees the total bail will get paid if the defendant fails to properly appear in court as mandated.

This allows pretrial release from jail without needing to pay the entire bail amount upfront. The defendant, usually through a co-signer relative or friend, pays the bail bondsman a non-refundable fee instead. This is typically 10 of the full bail set. The bondsman then assumes legal and financial responsibility for covering the remaining bail balance if the defendant doesn’t show up.

Bond Eligibility in Texas

Licensed bail bondsman can provide bond services to assist most jailed defendants in Texas in obtaining pretrial release, with a few exceptions, including:

  • Those accused of capital offenses punishable by death are ineligible for bond services.
  • If a judge deems the bail amount predetermined by the court’s bail schedule as beyond the defendant’s reasonable ability to pay, they may deny the bond.
  • Bond services cannot be utilized for probation or parole violations when re-arrested.
  • Undocumented immigrants facing immigration detainers and deportation proceedings cannot be bailed.
  • Extreme flight risks may be deemed ineligible for bail release by a judge.

However, even for serious non-capital charges, bond often remains obtainable if sufficient surety gets provided through a bail bondsman, unlike paying the full bail independently. Additionally, domestic violence charges do not automatically disqualify defendants from using bond services in Texas.

Contact a Dallas, TX Bail Bond Professional

Seeing your loved one or a friend in jail can be tough. Our team can help you with the steps you can take next and how to secure bail. Call our McKinney, TX Bail Bonds team today to see how we can help you at 214-747-4110 so you can get your loved one out right away if you qualify.

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