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If you've recently been arrested, we understand the last few days were tough. This is especially true if you missed work—and even worse if you didn't get to call your boss ahead of time. While it's a terrible thing to happen, it happens to the best of us. The folks at Doc's Bail Bonds fully understand the gravity of this scenario and have seen it play out thousands of times during our field of work—which is why we've decided to share some advice on how to keep your job after an arrest.

We're aware most bail bond companies don't have true concern for the overall well-being of their clients, perhaps feeding into the common stereotype of The Greedy Bailbondsman™️. However, there are many benefits when working with an honest, genuine, and reputable bail bond company—such as free advice. That's why we've compiled a short list of ways to tell your boss about your arrest safely.

First, what do we mean by 'safely?' This means it's done in a way that is both honorable and honest; two very distinct traits most celebrated by most employers in North Texas.

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Picked up on a criminal charge in the city of Wylie? The first course of action will be to make sure you're properly 'booked' (i.e., fingerprinted, photographed, charged, etc.). From there, it becomes a guessing game as to whether you'll be granted bail or what the amount of your bond will be. The next step rests squarely in the hands of the city's magistrate judge. He or she will hold a formal hearing. Here's what you can expect.  

What You Need to Know About the Wylie Municipal Court

The Wylie Municipal Court is where most hearings will take place. If it's a less serious (class C misdemeanor) crime, then you'll likely be staying in the Wylie City Jail. Otherwise, you'll be held for a maximum of 72 hours and either released or transferred to the Collin County Detention Center. Within 24 hours of booking, however, the judge has a decision to make. And that's where the magistrate's hearing comes into play.

What the Magistrate Will Determine

The Magistrate Judge will expect you to be on your best behavior and adhere to the court's rules of etiquette, which are available at this link. Some examples:

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The Richardson Jail is located at 140 North Greenville Ave. If you end up here, one of two things will happen. You'll stay for the entire duration of your arrest and/or bonding period (class C misdemeanors only), or you'll be transferred to a county holding facility until those determinations can be made.

But what goes into determining your bond eligibility, and what should you do when/if bail is set? In the following article, we'll be examining the answers to these questions so if you or someone you love should ever need the 411 you'll have it. Let's go.

Key Stats About the Richardson Jail Facility

The Richardson Jail is located in the same area as the city's police department. Holding periods are short-term. They're not equipped to hold inmates for longer than 72 hours. To help speed along the process, the RPD will book you and set up an arraignment date at the municipal court nearby.

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The North Texas city of Plano is one of the larger suburbs in the DFW Metroplex. Located just 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, it can sort of blend in. That can cause a degree of confusion if you get a call from your loved one telling you they've been arrested.

You probably think your loved one will know what your next steps to help them should be. But unless they're a veteran at being incarcerated, that's unlikely. Jurisdiction can be a confusing thing, so we've put together a handy-dandy blog post to help out. Here's what you can do to find out if your loved one is in the Plano City Jail as well as what you should do about getting them out.

What You Need to Know About the Plano Jail

Despite the city's substantial size, the city jail is just a short-term detention center. You're not meant to be here for any longer than 72 hours, regardless of the crime. If your loved one has been picked up for something like small-scale theft (less than $50, a class C misdemeanor), then they'll be staying here for the duration until bonded out or a hearing date can be set.

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Northlake is a nicely-kept secret in Denton County. Located just northwest of Grapevine Lake, it's a quiet place with less than 2,000 people and beautiful scenery. Nevertheless, it's not completely trouble-free, and if you find yourself in the middle of it, you may need a bail bondsman to help take care of the problem.

Chances are you know how it works if you live here. But when you're trying to help a loved one who's been incarcerated from out-of-town or out-of-state, you may not know how everything works. In the following article, we'll be shedding light on it.

Northlake Bail Bondsmen Are Few and Far Between

Given the small size of Northlake, many bail bondsmen don't bother providing service there. Most of the action is in the metropolitan areas, so that's where they turn. We look at it a little differently here at Doc's. People everywhere need a helping hand, especially when they've been charged with a crime (either justly or unjustly).

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