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How to Get a Bail Bond in Lewisville

 Posted on October 19, 2018 in City Jails

Lewisville is a town of about 105,000 in the DFW Metroplex. Like many of the suburban communities in the area, it houses a city jail designed for short-term incarceration. If you are charged with a crime, you can expect to stay from 1-3 days before you're either released on your own recognizance or transferred to the Denton County Detention Center.

For most inmates, each day spent in jail is a day too long. It's the Doc's mission to help you limit your time away from family, work, and other obligations. So, if you need bail services at either detention facility, here's how to go about getting it.

Collect the Necessary Information

Doc's Bail Bonds is a company with a long history of being able to navigate the bail bond system. That said, you'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you have certain information available ahead of time. Here's what we're looking for in order to expedite the request:

  • Name
  • Holding facility (in this case, Lewisville City Jail or Denton County)
  • Booking number
  • Amount of the bail bond

Now, the good news is that if you don't have the amount information, we can generally find this detail out for you and even provide guidance so you know what to expect on the final amount.

What Comes Next

Assuming you require the services of a bail bondsman, then you can expect us to take over from here. We'll find out when the inmate's arraignment date is. We'll make the payment to the appropriate agency (city or county). These two actions will ensure early release.

All you need to do is make the proper payment arrangement. Here's how you can do that.

  1. Set aside a portion of the premium (usually set at 10 percent of the total bond, so $500 on a $5,000 bond).
  2. If unable to afford the money up front, get with one of Doc's representatives to determine the best financing option for your budget.
  3. Don't worry. We're flexible. No one here wants to see you out of house and home. We'll do whatever we need to do to meet the bond requirements without crashing the family budget.
  4. Arrange for pickup. We've been in the business long enough that we can help you and your loved ones arrange for an early pickup.

Don't Spend the Night in Jail

At Doc's Bail Bonds, we believe you're better off with your freedom. For starters, if you're innocent, you don't belong there. Period. If you're not, you deserve an opportunity to make clear decisions regarding your defense strategy. And that's a challenge from behind bars. Let us know today how we can help, and we'll be ready. Click here for more information on how we can get the post-booking process started.

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