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Dallas' Rapping Panhandler Case Comes to a Close

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The 2018 lawsuit of Dallas' rapping, panhandling activistagainst the city has finally closed. The lawsuit was over the constitutionalityof the misdemeanor charge that comes with roadside solicitation, orpanhandling, in the city of Dallas. When you are arrested for any misdemeanorin the DFW Metroplex and need help getting out of jail quick, Doc's Bail Bonds are the ones to turn to.We can bail you out fast and at any time of day no matter what your case is,including panhandling.

How the Issue Began

In 2018, Yvette Gbalazeh, a marijuana legalization activist,was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for panhandling on the streets ofDeep Ellum. Once she was arrested for violating one of the city's anti-panhandlingordinances, she filed a suit. With the precedence of a similar Houston lawbeing shut down in 2013, she claimed the ordinances violated the FirstAmendment. After failing to make the case a class-action lawsuit, Gbalazehcontinued to push for compensation and for the enforcement of the city's twoanti-panhandling laws to be stopped.

Dallas' Panhandling Laws

The city of Dallas has two ordinances against panhandlingand solicitation. The first, the one Gbalazeh was charged for, prohibitsroadside solicitation and can lead to a $500 fine and some jailtime. The secondordinance specifically bans soliciting to cars from the side of the road.Gbalazeh was successful in getting the first ordinance to be no longerenforced. The second ordinance will continue to be a practiced law, and that isbecause it runs a little deeper than the first. The car-specific ordinance isconsidered to be an issue of maintaining traffic safety, therefore it isunlikely that it will be removed from practice.

A Decision is Made

As stated before, Gbalazeh was successful in getting one ofthe two city ordinances shut down. It is said she will receive $20,000 incompensation and will get a chance to meet with the city police chief todiscuss her thoughts on the remaining anti-panhandling law. Gbalazeh's lawyer,Ramon Rodriquez, still feels that the second ordinance should be reexamined, asthe two are too similar in wording for only one to be inactivated. For nowthough, Gbalazeh has returned her attention to her activism and keeps those affectedby the remaining anti-panhandling ordinance in mind while she is protesting.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Getting Dallas Offenders Out for Misdemeanor Charges

To some, the end of enforcement for one of Dallas'panhandling ordinances was a victory, but for others there is still more workto be done. As more cases come about, the remaining ordinance and others likeit will likely be challenged again.

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