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Worried, Stuck in a Jail Cell: Flower Mound Bail Bonds Can Help

 Posted on March 03, 2018 in Bail Bonds

Posting bail can be a confusing process when you are unfamiliar with local procedures, locations, and personnel, and that's where Doc's Flower Mound Bail Bonds office near Denton can help.

Contact Doc's if you or your loved one find yourself in the Flower Mound Jail. We have an office nearby, and we are plugged into how Chief Andy Kancel and his staff operate. We maintain an intimate knowledge of how the jail does business, who is on duty, and what they expect from you.

The First Step Doc's Flower Mound Bail Bonds Will Take

The Flower Mound Jail is housed at the same location as the Flower Mound Police Department at 4150 Kirkpatrick Lane in the sprawling Dallas suburb. If you or a loved one is arrested, this is your next stop.

When you contract with Doc's Bail Bonds at the Flower Mound location, we will contact and remit the required payment, so the life of you or your loved one does not have to be placed on hold between now and the next hearing date. Getting your day in court doesn't usually follow a straightforward, predictable timeline. Posting bail helps ease pressures that go along with the waiting game.

Payment Options

You always have the option of paying the bail amount in full, but that is usually cost-prohibitive. Because of this, Doc's Bail Bonds offers other financial options that are more feasible.

Firstly, you could pay a premium amount — usually between 7-15 percent of the total bail — which enables the Flower Mound bail bonds location to post the remainder of the bond for you. But if the crime is of a more severe nature or bail amount is set high for another reason, this option could be cost-prohibitive as well.

In such cases, we offer installment financing, and we also accept collateral as cash. Acceptable forms include jewelry, an automobile, home, or another asset. You maintain ownership, provided hearing dates are honored.

These options give you the ability to manage the family budget and keep your household running with minimum interruption.

What to Expect from the Flower Mound Jail

The Flower Mound Jail is more of a feeder system to the Denton and Tarrant County Jails or state penitentiary system. That means hardened inmates likely won't be here for very long.

Just to paint a clearer picture, Flower Mound Police report a total of only four homicides in the last five years. Other violent crimes, such as sexual assault and robbery had less than ten cases each year during the same reporting period. The jail mostly houses theft/larceny cases.

Nevertheless, jails and prisons are not ideal places to spend your time. There's no getting around that. While incarcerated, you say goodbye to most of your freedoms.

Contact the Doc's Flower Mound Bail Bonds Location

To keep that from happening, we recommend calling Doc's Bail Bonds in Denton as soon as the bail amount is set. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are no credit checks, and we will find a payment option that works for you.

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