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How Your Bail Bondsman Keeps You on Track

 Posted on February 16, 2020 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

The first thing most people associate with a bail bondsman is their ability to get someone released from jail. But many do not realize that bail bond agents serve many purposes. Believe it or not, a bail bondsman can give you a lot of guidance through the jail process and beyond. Below are some of the ways a bondsman can get you on the right path and away from the criminal justice system. If you or a loved one has been arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and needs help securing a bond, Doc's Bail Bonds is ready to help you.

Giving You Reminders

After you have physically been released from jail, there are still legal obligations you are expected to fulfill. Of course, there is always the possibility of forgetting those expectations. If you accidently forget to attend a court date or forget to make a payment on a fine or fee, you could be looking at additional charges and sometimes even re-arrest. A good bail bondsman does not want you to end up in jail again, and they will make sure you take care of your responsibilities, so you stay out of trouble. Bondsmen will contact you to remind you of important court dates so that you stay in good standing with the courts.

Working with Your Financial Situation

There is no doubt that the jail process is overwhelming and there is always a rush to release a loved one who has been jailed. Unfortunately, bail can be set very high, making it difficult for the average person to pay it on their own, only prolonging the time the inmate is in jail. This is why it is good to work with a bondsman. Typically, they will set up a payment plan with you so that you can cover the bail and get your loved one out as soon as possible. Additionally, they are usually understanding of financial situations, and do not want to see you get in trouble for late payments, so they will stay in contact to make sure things are still alright financially.

Bondsmen Move Fast

Bail bond agents are usually experienced in the process and can help you get through all the legal requirements faster than if you did it on your own. This allows you or your loved one to get back to normal life, whether that is making it to a morning shift or attending a kid's birthday party. The longer a person stays in jail, the higher the chances of them becoming a victim of violence or even being pressured into confessing to a crime they didn't commit. Doc's Bail Bonds gets you out of jail and back to safety as quickly as possible.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Keeping DFW Ex-Inmates Out of Trouble

Hiring a bail bondsman after an arrest is a good idea because their services can go beyond giving you money for bail. They understand that mistakes happen, and they offer guidance and assistance through the jail system without judgment. Doc's Bail Bonds provides professional, affordable help to DFW residents, no matter which crimes they were charged with. We promise to work with you and bring comfort to this stressful time. Give us a call at (214) 747-4110 or visit our website to see some of the bail bonds we assist with. If you are sick of jail, it's time to call the doctor!

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