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In Jail for the Holidays? Doc's Will Bail You Out Fast!

 Posted on November 20, 2019 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

Getting out of jail is a chore, but Doc's Bail Bonds makes it go as smoothly as possible. During the holidays, you don't want to wait while a loved one sits behind bars. So what does the bail bond and check-in process look like at Doc's? Here's a guide so you'll know how we do things at our trusted Dallas bail bond company.

The Bail-Out Process

Every holiday, someone gets arrested for doing something reckless – like road destruction, for example. The state considers it an offense for anyone to damage a sign or a telephone pole by running into it. If your loved one gets arrested, it's up to a family member or friend to bail them out. Enter Doc's Bail Bonds.

When a father, mother, or friend calls up Doc's to post a bond, we assess what kind of a charge you're posting for and work from there. If the offense is a Class C Misdemeanor, bonds run from about $500-$750. Smaller crimes, or Class B misdemeanors, typically post for $150. Everyone who needs a bond must come to the office and co-sign for it themselves, since Doc's can't post any bonds without a signature (two signatures are needed – the co-signer and the arrestee's).

The co-signer must be over 21 years of age, not on a bond or probation, living in the same residence for one year (demonstrating stability), and employed. They must bring a driver's license to show that they can drive the defendant to court and back.

Once the co-signer comes in, fills their paperwork out, and pays $150, Doc's hands over the bond. The co-signer then takes this bond over to the jail, pays a $15 posting fee, and the jail releases the accused.

Bringing the Defendant Into the Office

Once the defendant is released from jail, that person is brought into the office so we can collect their information and put it on file. The bonded defendant needs to check in with Doc's via telephone once a week, a task that only takes 30 seconds to do. We tell the defendant how to look up their court date, and we follow up with reminders to attend their court dates until the process is done. We give reminder calls to the bonded defendant, but it's up to them to get there on time and know which day they must be present in court.

After everything is over and done with and the defendant has been to court and back, we get the money we posted back from the county and wish all of our defendants well.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Your Holiday Stop-Over for Bail Bonds

Here at Doc's Bail Bonds, we care about your loved ones. As one of the largest and oldest companies serving the North Texas region, we've been professional from the start. We've built up a strong team that knows all the state and county rules – and one of ours is to treat each person with respect. Once you check in at Doc's, we can bond your defendant right out of jail so that you don't get sent up to County. Our agents are available to help you get through the process quickly and easily.

Doc's serves McKinney, Dallas, Denton, Sherman and Bonham, as well as Dallas, Grayson, Denton, Fannin, Hill, and Collin Counties. Please contact us for all your bail bond needs no matter where your loved one is in jail. Our 6 bail bond offices are conveniently located near area jails and detention centers, saving co-signers time and helping us bail defendants out faster. Call 972-562-6057 for Collin County, 940-383-4600 for Denton County, and 214-747-4110 for your quick holiday bail-out.

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