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Navigating the Bail System After an Assault Arrest in Texas

 Posted on November 09, 2023 in Bail Bonds

Dallas bail bondsman professionalBeing arrested for assault in Texas can be scary and confusing. Understanding your options for posting bail and bonding out of jail quickly is crucial. You deserve to know how a Texas bail bondsman can help get your loved one out of jail after an assault charge. A Texas bail bondsman can help you.

How Bail is Set for Assault in Texas

In Texas, bail is set during an initial appearance hearing within 48 hours of the arrest. The judge considers factors like criminal history, flight risk, danger to the community and victim, and evidence. Bail for assault ranges widely based on severity. Simple assault bail may be $500-$1,500, while aggravated assault involving a weapon or injury can be $5000-$15,000 or higher.

Using a Bail Bondsman in Texas

After bail is set, you can use a bail bondsman to post bond and get released from jail to await trial without paying the entire bail amount. Texas law allows bail bondsmen to charge a nonrefundable fee of up to 10% of the bail amount. This fee is paid to the bondsman, who posts a surety bond with the court for the entire bail amount.

Getting Released Quickly

Hiring a bail bondsman speeds up the jail release process. A bondsman can usually post bond within hours after receiving payment, getting the detainee processed out of jail quickly. The defendant simply signs some paperwork with the bondsman, taking responsibility for showing up to future court dates.

Supervision After Release

As a condition of the bond, the defendant must check in periodically with the bondsman. Defendants are expected to comply with court orders like probation meetings, drug testing, or staying in the jurisdiction. Skipping court dates or violating terms could lead to bond revocation and rearrest.

Completing the Bail Bond Process

The bail bond obligation ends once the criminal case concludes with charges dropped or after sentencing. Defendants must continue complying with probation terms if sentenced. Talk to your bail bondsman and attorney to understand the status of the bond and what needs to be done.

Contact a Dallas, TX Bail Bondsman Professional

Getting arrested for assault is extremely disruptive to your life. A Collin County, TX bail bondsman simplifies the process of posting bail so you or a loved one can get released quickly while the case proceeds. Be sure to comply with all conditions so bail is not revoked. Call 214-747-4110 to start with your bail bond process.

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