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Options for Getting Out of Jail When You Cannot Afford Bail

 Posted on August 24, 2022 in Bail Bonds

Dallas bail bondsmanA criminal arrest can be a scary experience, especially for those who have not previously been in that situation. People may be arrested for a variety of reasons, but generally, an arrest will only occur if police have a valid reason to believe a person committed a criminal offense (known as probable cause). After being taken into custody, a person will appear before a judge, where they will be informed of the official criminal charges against them, and the judge will set an amount of bail that they will need to pay in order to be released. This amount can be a shock for many people; depending on the seriousness of the offense and other factors, it may be several thousand dollars. Those who do not have the cash available to pay bail need to understand their options for getting released.

Affordable Bail Bond Options

While a person is in custody, they will usually need someone else to raise the money needed to pay bail. This will usually be a close family member such as a spouse, parent, or sibling, although friends may also be able to help. A person's attorney can often provide guidance in these matters as well. Generally, however, the best option for paying bail is to work with a bail bondsman. In these cases, a person will usually only need to gather around 10 percent of the amount the judge has required them to pay. Options for raising these funds may include:


  • Borrowing money from loved ones - For those who do not have enough savings to cover the costs of a bail bond, family members or other people close to them may be willing to help out. Gathering the necessary cash from multiple sources may allow a person to pay the 10 percent of bail that is required.

  • Seeking donations - There are a variety of options for receiving charitable donations to help pay for a bail bond. Online platforms such as GoFundMe allow a person to tell their story and solicit donations from people who wish to help. Churches or members of religious congregations may provide assistance. Bail funds may also provide an option for assistance, especially in cases where a person believes they have been wrongfully accused or have been the victim of discrimination or police misconduct. 

  • Putting down collateral - Even if a person or their loved ones do not have sufficient funds to pay for a bail bond, they may be able to cover the costs by turning over the title to valuable property, such as a vehicle or home. In these cases, a person will generally be able to maintain possession of the property, and as long as the person who was arrested meets all of their legal requirements during their case, the owner will receive the title back at a later date. 

  • Setting up payment plans - Doc's Bail Bonds provides affordable plans to allow the cost of a bail bond to be paid off over time. We can explain your options for creating a payment plan and we never perform credit checks.

Contact a Dallas Bail Bondsman

If you or a loved one has been arrested, bail can seem like an impossible expense. However, there are options available to help you get the money you need and get released from custody while you await your day in court. Doc's Bail Bonds offers bail bond services in Dallas and the surrounding area, and we can help you come up with a bail bond payment plan that works for your budget. Contact our Collin County bail agents today at 214-747-4110 to learn more.



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