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Should You Get Bail Right After Being Arrested?

 Posted on February 23, 2024 in Bail Bonds

Dallas bail bond professionalOnce the initial shock of being arrested wears off, one of the first questions that may come to mind is, “Should I post bail right away?” This is an important decision with a lot to consider because it may be different for each person. Getting out of jail quickly is appealing, but there are many reasons why waiting may be a better move. A Texas bail bond professional can help determine what may be ideal for you.

What Is Bail and How Does It Work?

Bail is money or collateral the court provides to secure a defendant’s release from jail before their trial. It is essentially a promise that you will return for future court appearances. When bail is set on a case, you or a bail bond company can pay the full bail amount to the court and be released. Alternatively, you may post a bond and charge a smaller, non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the bail amount.

If you attend all court dates, the bail money is returned at the end of the case. If you miss court, the money is forfeited, and a warrant is issued for your arrest.

Benefits of Posting Bail Quickly

Getting out of jail quickly has some clear advantages. Some of them are the following:

  • Posting bail allows you to get out of custody and back home until your case is resolved. This leads to less disruption to your daily life.
  • Being released on bail makes it easier to continue working and earning an income before your trial instead of being fired due to incarceration.
  • Out on bail, you can better meet with your attorney and gather evidence or documents that may help your case or defense.

Reasons to Wait on Bail

While getting out of jail fast sounds excellent, there are also good reasons why waiting and thinking strategically about bail could be beneficial:

  • Many courts quickly set high initial bail amounts. But your attorney can request a bond reduction hearing and argue for a more affordable lower bail for your specific situation.
  • There are long-term impacts if you use all your available funds to bail out immediately. Waiting gives you time to carefully weigh paying for bail against other needs like paying legal fees, fines, and expenses down the road.
  • Most jails grant “time served” credit that reduces future jail sentences by the time you already spent behind bars. This credit is lost if you bail out early. Waiting on bail maximizes this credit for minor cases with likely minimal jail exposure at sentencing.

Contact a Dallas, TX Bail Bond Professional

As appealing as getting out “right now” may feel after an arrest, consider carefully weighing your options alongside a McKinney, TX bail bond professional before emptying your bank account. Patience and strategy may be worthwhile in the end. Call today at 214-747-4110 right away so you fully understand both the short and long-term tradeoffs around bail.

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