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What Are the Conditions of Receiving Bail in Texas?

 Posted on August 10, 2020 in Bail Bonds

McKinney bail bonds agent

If you have watched any crime TV shows or read flashy headlines on the cover of celebrity magazines, you have likely seen astronomical bail amounts, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. Depending on the alleged crime that the arrested party is facing, this number can greatly shift. In some cases, bail may not even be an option for the alleged criminal. The purpose of these high costs is to keep these individuals facing criminal charges from fleeing the instant that they are released from confinement. For those facing an extremely high bail amount and who are unable to afford the cost, assistance from a bail bonds agent is a valid possibility. Some defendants may think they are in the clear once the money is transferred, not realizing the various other terms that may come along with posting bail.

Pretrial Check-Ins

In a similar manner as probation, some individuals on bail will be required to meet with a pretrial service officer on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that the bailed-out party is abiding by the court’s bail orders or conditions. These periodic meetings will also help monitor the whereabouts of the charged party.


To keep those facing criminal charges out of trouble, many courts will require them to be employed while they are out on bail. The routine of a regular schedule can act as a deterrent for future criminal actions and the individuals will also be receiving a regular paycheck throughout their bail. If a bail bond agent is used, this money can go toward paying off their bail amount.

No-Contact Orders

Depending on accused individuals’ charges, no-contact orders may be put in place to protect those around them. People who are accused of domestic violence, stalking, or making threats will have to abide by no-contact orders or risk facing additional charges for violating the terms of these orders. Even if the alleged criminals know they are innocent of the accused crime, it is imperative that they follow the terms of the no-contact order throughout their bail.

Travel Restrictions

For obvious reasons, those defendants who are out on bail are typically given travel restrictions. Depending on the charges that they are facing, these restrictions can be looser or tighter. For instance, some alleged offenders may not be able to leave the country while others may not even be able to leave the state.

Firearm Regulations

Those individuals who are convicted of a crime lose their right to legally hold a firearm, even if they had the proper licensing before being convicted. Similar restrictions can be placed on those who post bail. These restrictions will be temporary, but should still be respected to avoid additional charges.

Contact a Collin County Bail Bonds Agent

Having a high bail amount set for your freedom can be a difficult pill to swallow. Whether you know you are innocent and do not want to pay the amount or simply do not have the financial backing to do so on your own, our skilled Dallas bail bonds issuer can help. As one of the most well-established bail bond companies in North Texas, Doc’s Bail Bonds prides itself on helping those facing charges within the criminal justice system. Everyone should be given a chance to get out of jail when criminal charges are still unfounded. For help with you or your loved one’s case, call us today at 972-562-6057.



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