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What Are the Most Common Crimes That Lead to Arrests on New Year’s Eve?

 Posted on December 31, 2020 in Bail Bonds

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Usually, New Year’s Eve is a holiday that involves having parties with friends or family members, either at someone’s home or at a public location such as a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Things may be somewhat different this year since the risks of COVID-19 infections will likely lead to fewer people meeting with others or attending public gatherings. However, the holiday is still likely to be a busy one, and police officers will be on the lookout for potential criminal activity. As you ring in the new year, you will want to be aware of the criminal offenses that are likely to lead to an arrest. You will also want to understand how you can post bail and secure a release for yourself or a friend or family member if you are arrested.

Some of the most common reasons for arrests over New Year’s include:

  • DWI - Parties often involve the consumption of alcohol, and police are likely to pull over anyone that they suspect of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. In many cases, police officers will ask drivers to take a portable breathalyzer test or submit to field sobriety testing. If these tests indicate that a driver is intoxicated, or if other factors give an officer probable cause to believe that a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the driver will be arrested, and he or she will most likely face DWI charges. 

  • Public intoxication - Partygoers may be arrested and charged with this offense if the use of alcohol or drugs has caused them to be intoxicated to the point that they present a danger to themselves or someone else. 

  • Assault - This offense involves intentionally injuring someone else, threatening to harm someone, or making “offensive or provocative” contact with another person. Individuals may be arrested for assault because they got into a bar fight or even because of a heated argument.

  • Drug possession - In addition to alcohol, people at parties may use other types of drugs, such as marijuana. Being found in possession of controlled substances can lead to an arrest and a prosecution on drug possession charges. Possession of large amounts of these substances could even lead to charges of drug trafficking or drug delivery.

  • Property crimes - Actions that involve damage to or loss of another person’s property can lead to arrests. Potential criminal charges may include vandalism, robbery, burglary, arson, or trespassing.

  • Weapons charges - The use of firearms when celebrating the New Year can lead to arrests for charges such as unlawful use of weapons or carrying an illegal weapon.

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