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What Are the Options for Paying Your Bail Bond?

 Posted on March 23, 2020 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

Time in jail is never planned for. It can happen to anyone at any time, so it's good to know about the bail bond process before anything happens to you or a loved one. When working with a bail bondsman, you will be asked to pay about 10% of the total bail price. Many people do not know the different options they have for their share of a bail bond. We're going to look at three popular methods for covering the price of a bail bond. Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex residents can come to Doc's Bail Bonds for fast and affordable bail bond approvals. We have an excellent reputation in the community, and our agents are ready to help you 24-hours a day.

Cash Bail

If you can, the easiest way to pay your part of the bail is with cash. If you pay for your share in full up-front, you will not be expected to make additional payments. However, you're still required to ensure the defendant attends their court dates and stays in good legal standing, otherwise you will be asked to cover additional legal fines and fees.


If you aren't able to cover your portion of a bail, many reputable bondsmen will give you the option of collateral in place of cash. Bail bond collateral can take the form of any item valued at or near the price of the bail. Your options might include vehicles, real estate, jewelry, credit cards, investments, and other forms of valuable property. The rules for collateral can vary, so it's important to talk to your bondsman about what they accept as collateral.  

Bail bondsmen will hold onto collateral as a security measure. They'll keep the item to ensure the defendant appears in court and the co-signer is good to pay their portion of the bail.  

Payment Plans

The most popular option for covering a bail bond is by setting up a payment plan with your bail bondsman. Rather than promising a piece of property or shelling out a large amount of money at once, setting up a payment plan allows you to slowly cover the price over a period of time. Bail can often be posted at several thousands of dollars, leaving your portion at several hundreds or thousands. Instead of running yourself dry, talk to your bail bondsman about making a payment plan compatible with your income.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Providing Affordable Bail Bonds to DFW Defendants

At Doc's Bail Bonds, we know the price of bail can be daunting. That's why our reliable bail bondsmen give you options to pay your share of the costs. If you can't pay the entire bail in cash, let us know so we can discuss collateral or figure out a payment plan.

Doc's Bail Bonds provides flexible plans and affordable pricing for anyone in the DFW area. Give us a call at (214) 747-4110 or visit our website to get in touch with a bail bond agent. If you're getting sick of jail, call the doctor today.

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