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What Should I Do if I Find Out My Family Member Has Been Arrested?

 Posted on April 15, 2022 in Bail Bonds

McKinney Bail BondsFew things can be as worrying as learning that a loved one has been arrested and may face criminal charges. In many cases, a person who is accused of committing a crime will be placed in a difficult and intimidating situation, with limited ability to contact others or determine how they can be released. A person may also need to deal with interrogations or threats that they will face serious charges if they do not cooperate with police officers. In these situations, family members will often want to help their loved one get released quickly so they can determine how to defend against criminal charges. By understanding the options for receiving a bail bond, a family member can make sure they take the correct steps to help a person get out of jail as soon as possible.

Steps to Follow After an Arrest

The first thing a family member will need to do is to determine where a person is being held. After being arrested, a person may be taken to a police station, or they may be booked into a local jail or detention facility. If necessary, a bail bondsman from Doc’s Bail Bonds can help perform an inmate search to locate a person and determine their current status.

After determining where a person is being held, a family member will want to obtain as much information about their case as possible. This information may include the person’s booking number at a jail or detention facility, the specific charges they are facing, the amount of bail set by a judge, and any other restrictions that a person will apply to a person after they are released from custody. With this information, a bail bondsman can make sure the correct steps will be followed to post bail and ensure that the person can get out of jail. Our bail agents can help gather this information and determine whether there are any other important details that will need to be addressed.

A family member can then work with a bail bondsman to post bail on a person’s behalf. Most of the time, the amount that will need to be paid by a family member will be no more than 10 percent of the total amount of bail set by a judge. Our bail agents can work with family members to determine the best options for paying for a bail bond on short notice. If necessary, we can set up payment plans, or we can accept collateral that may be held until other payment arrangements can be made. We will then make sure the correct procedures will be followed to post bail so that the person can be released.

Contact Our Plano Bail Agents

If your loved one has been arrested, you may be concerned about their safety, or you may be worried that they will be treated unfairly while in police custody. To make sure they can get released quickly, you will want to make sure you follow the correct procedures when posting bail. Doc’s Bail Bonds can provide you with invaluable help during this process, and we can act quickly to help your loved one get out of jail. We are available to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and we can often help people get released within a few hours. To learn how we can assist with matters related to criminal arrests and posting bail, contact a McKinney bail bondsman today at 214-747-4110.

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