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What Should I Do If My Partner Is Arrested and I Cannot Afford Bail?

 Posted on March 30, 2022 in Bail Bonds

collin county bail bondsmanWatching a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or other loved one be arrested and placed in the back of a police vehicle is a terrifying experience to go through. You may not know what is going on or what to expect next. Many people are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, so they are left completely bewildered and unsure of how to respond when a partner is arrested. To add to the stress of the situation, many people in this circumstance cannot afford to bail their loved one out of jail. If this describes you, do not lose hope. You may be able to secure a bail bond and get your loved one out of police custody.

How Does Bail Work?

When someone is arrested for drunk driving, drug possession, or another offense, they are taken into police custody. The individual may be released in exchange for a monetary deposit called bail. The court holds the deposit and uses it as collateral. In theory, bail encourages the criminal defendant to show up for his or her court date. The court holds the bail money until the criminal proceedings are complete. If a defendant cannot pay bail, he or she may need to stay in police custody until his or her court date. This can be extremely difficult for individuals with jobs, family obligations, and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, bail is often prohibitively expensive. Most people do not have tens of thousands of dollars lying around. People in this situation may be able to secure a bail bond to pay bail and get their loved one out of jail.

A Bail Bond is Used to Pay Bail and Get a Defendant Out of Jail

People who cannot pay the full bail amount may be able to secure bail through a bail bondsman or agent. The bail bondsman posts bail on your behalf and you pay a fee, usually 10 percent of the total bail amount. For example, if the bail is $15,000, you would pay the bail bondsmen $1,500. Many people are able to use their own savings, loans from friends and family, and other financial resources to post bail when they go through bail bondsmen. At Doc’s Bail Bonds, we also offer affordable and flexible financing plans.

Contact Our McKinney Bail Bondsmen

At Doc’s Bail Bonds we help people get their loved ones out of jail by offering affordable bail bonds. Call us anytime day or night to get the help you need. Call our Collin County bail bondsmen at 214-747-4110 right away.



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