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What to Do if You Can't Afford Bail

 Posted on October 29, 2019 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

According to national statistics, two-thirds of all of the people behind bars have not been convicted of a crime.  Although the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits excessive bail, the price range remains just out of reach for many Americans who still simply can't afford to pay it.

High bail costs are a huge reason why arrested, non-convicted citizens stay locked up for months or years at a time. But don't give up hope. Here are several things you can do when you or someone you know can't afford to pay bail.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Bail amounts are not set in stone. Anyone can hire a criminal defense lawyer to plead their case before the judge and request a lower bail. Your criminal defense lawyer can successfully work with the court to negotiate a lower bail amount. If the bail amount places an undue economic hardship on the defendant, for example, the bail may be lowered, but that decision ultimately rests with the judge.

It's important when looking for a lawyer to find one who can represent you well. A lawyer takes things in from the judge's perspective and takes into account the most important factors on whether to reduce bail. Judges are more apt to look at arguments from a lawyer than from the defendant. Fill out the application to request a public defender and answer questions about your finances. Keep your document and use it to give financial information the court will need to lower your bail amount.

Identify Factors the Court Will Consider

When a judge looks at your case, he or she will look at specific factors that will influence how to reduce bail. Whether you have a job or a family in the community (defendants with a family in the community indicate the defendant is more likely to show up for a court date). Have you ever had a citation for skipping court hearings in the past? Have you lived in the area for a while? Do you pose a danger to the community? If your place in the community is established, it is again less likely that you will skip town if you are given bail.

Find Documents to Support Your Case

This is very important before you show up to court. You can assist your lawyer (should you choose to hire one) in defending you by providing a list of the documents like pay stubs or W-2's, or tax forms that demonstrate regular employment in the area you live. Or use property tax records or utility bills that also demonstrate the same thing – how long you have stayed in that community. These documents, the more the merrier, help give strong argument for credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness in the area. In providing documentation of this nature, everything helps.

Call a Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman service will put up the whole amount of the bail for the defendant, charging the defendant a percent of the bond, perhaps only 10% of the bail amount. This action ties the bail bondsman to the case, since that person will lose the money should if the defendant decides not to show up for court.

Put Up Collateral

In order to secure the cost of the bond, the defendant can put up collateral like real estate, a car, or other property containing value.


In some select cases, if the defendant promises to return to court, they may be released on their own recognizance. For defendants who are not a flight risk and when the crime or misdemeanor is very minor, or if there is simply not enough room in the jail to meet capacity, this option may be available.

Use Bail Bond Company with Easy Terms

Using a bail bond company with easy payment terms, you can skip the red tape and get your situation turned all the way around. Doc's Bail Bonds is one company with an excellent reputation that will helps clear a warrant, find out inmate status, and get fast approval on bail bond financing. With a hotline staffed and open 24/7, call Doc's Bail Bonds anytime and get started processing your bail bond!

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