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What to Expect When Posting Bail in Texas

 Posted on September 25, 2023 in Bail Bonds

TX bail bondsmanGetting arrested and having to secure a bond with a bondsman in Texas can be a complex process for both those arrested and their family and friends. Knowing what to expect with the bail bond process and timeline can help make this situation much easier to navigate.

Booking and Bail Setting

After being arrested, you will first be booked and processed at the local jail facility. Your charges will be recorded, fingerprints and mugshots taken, and background checked. Within 48 hours, typically, you will go before a criminal magistrate judge who will consider the charges and set the bail amount required for pretrial release. Bail can range widely from $500-$50,000+ depending on the offense.

Considering Your Bail Bond Options

Once your bail is formally set by the court, friends or family members on the outside can start getting you released by posting bond. At this stage, there are two options–your family/friends can post the full bail amount themselves directly with the court, or more commonly, they can use a bail bonds company. Using a bondsman only requires paying 10-15% of the total bail amount as a non-refundable premium.

Contacting an Established Bail Bond Company

If using a bail bondsman, friends/family should immediately contact a well-established, licensed bail bond company with locations 24/7. The bondsman will have someone walk through the bail costs and fees, what collateral or cosigners may be required, and start the application process over the phone. Top bail companies operate 24 hours for fast release.

Going Through the Bail Bond Application Process

To qualify for release on bail through a bondsman, background information must be provided, including employment status, references, criminal history, and more. The bondsman will check if you are eligible for a surety bail bond based on factors like flight risk, criminal record, community ties, and residency. This application and review process usually takes 1-2 hours if all information is readily available.

Posting the Bond Premium for Release

After approval, the next step is the 10-15% bail bond premium payment by your family/friends, which can be paid via cash, credit card, etc. This premium is non-refundable, as it serves as the fee for the bondsman to secure your release. Some collateral, like a vehicle title, may also be required. Once premium and collateral are provided, release can proceed.

Release from Jail on the Bail Bond

Once all bail bond paperwork is completed and the premium payment made, the bondsman will file the documents with the court and jail. Release typically takes 2-8 hours, though can vary by county. The bondsman pays the bail amount on your behalf, which allows you to be released from jail pending trial based on the promise that you will appear.

Contact Dallas Bail Bond Professionals

Understanding the general bail bond process in Texas allows you to act quickly if arrested or if you have a family member who needs bail. A bondsman is ideal to guide families smoothly through bail paperwork and requirements for prompt release. Contact our Texas bail bonds team at 214-747-4110.

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