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What Types of Offenses Are Likely to Have High Amounts of Bail?

 Posted on June 14, 2021 in Bail Bonds

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Following a person’s arrest, an amount of bail will be set by a judge, and this amount must be paid before the person can be released from custody. This amount can vary based on several different factors, but the specific offense that the person is charged with is often the primary issue that a judge will consider. For more serious offenses such as felonies, crimes involving a victim, and situations where a person may be a threat to public safety, bail will usually be set at a higher amount. While paying thousands of dollars or more may not be possible for a person who has been arrested, they and their family members or friends can obtain a bail bond, where they will usually only be required to pay 10% of the total amount set by the judge.

Criminal Offenses With High Bail Amounts

Some charges that are more likely to involve large amounts of bail include:

  • Murder/homicide - Premeditated murder is one of the most serious crimes, and when a person is charged with this offense, bail may be $500,000 or more. Other charges involving a person’s death, such as manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide, may result in bail being set at $50,000 to $100,000.

  • Sexual offenses - For crimes such as aggravated sexual assault, sexual abuse of a child, forcing a person to participate in prostitution, or child trafficking, bail may set around $500,000. Other types of sex crimes, such as sexual assault/rape or indecent sexual contact with a child, may result in bail of around $50,000.

  • Drug crimes - Bail is likely to be set at higher amounts for more serious drug offenses related to manufacturing or delivering controlled substances. Whether an offense is charged as a first-degree, second-degree, or third-degree felony will depend on the amount of drugs in question. For first-degree felony drug offenses, bail may be around $100,000, and for lower-level felonies, bail may be $50,000 or less.

  • Robbery - If a person is accused of using a deadly weapon or threatening or inflicting injury or death, they may be charged with aggravated robbery, and bail may be up to $500,000. Other robbery charges may result in bail being set around $50,000.

For misdemeanors or lower-level felonies, bail will usually be lower, ranging from a few thousand dollars to around $30,000. However, there are some factors that may lead a judge to increase the amount of bail. These may include the possibility that a person may flee the area or that they may not show up at scheduled court dates, as well as the person’s previous criminal record. Bail may also be increased if a person is charged with a violent crime or sexual offense that causes a judge to believe that they may endanger people’s safety.

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