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Why Jails and Prisons Are Also Potential Victims of the Coronavirus

 Posted on March 18, 2020 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

The recent spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus, has caused many to fear the potential of a full-on outbreak. For those who are currently being help within jails and prisons, the virus is also a threat. There are several reasons the incarcerated are at risk of rapidly succumbing to the virus, there are even some issues that will not affect those of us who walk free. Today we are going to explain some of these threats that incarcerated individuals are facing due to this virus. If you have been arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and are looking for help securing a bail bond quickly, Doc's Bail Bonds can help. We offer fast approvals to get you out of jail and back in your home.

Insufficient Supplies

While there is a priority to keep medical professionals healthy during this time, those who are being kept in close quarters also need to be protected. Inmates who do not have money have a hard time obtaining things like soaps and other necessary sanitary items. Additionally, medical staff inside of jails and prisons do not always have sufficient training to properly identify an infectious disease. Undertrained staff run the risk of dismissing symptoms as being a cold or flu when they could really be signs of the much more severe coronavirus.

Illness Can Spread Quickly

One of the reasons many people are choosing to self-quarantine is because the coronavirus is able to spread from contact with an infected person, be it by a cough or dirty hand. When you are behind bars, you do not have the ability to isolate yourself from those who are potentially infected. County jails often house up to 20 inmates in a holding cell and prisons can have about six people inside of one cell. If just one person enters a jail or prison with the coronavirus, it can quickly jump to many people. This is especially true because the virus does not immediately show its symptoms.

Judicial System is Slowed

The legal system being interrupted does not affect most of us who are out of police custody, but those who are incarcerated can be seriously impacted by it. If the government sees reason to temporarily close down government buildings and services due to an outbreak, courts will also be closed. Courthouse closures will postpone cases and mandatory appearances, prolonging the stay inside of jails and prisons for some inmates. Set release dates also run the risk of being pushed back.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Ensuring Fast Release for DFW Arrestees

Though inmates in jails and prisons might seem farm removed, they too can become victims of the coronavirus. With staff, visitors and inmates constantly coming in and out, it is hard to know if the virus is entering prisons and jails. In a medical emergency, jail is no place to be, that is why you should come to Doc's Bail Bonds to help you secure freedom quickly and affordably. Call us at (214) 747-4110 or visit our website to get in touch with a bail bond agent 24/7. We service the entire DFW area and want everyone to be able to be safe and healthy in the comfort of their home.

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