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Why Jails and Prisons are Extremely Vulnerable to the Corona Virus

 Posted on March 10, 2020 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

Health conditions inside jails and prisons are always a concern, and this is especially true when viruses begin to circulate. COVID-19, better known as the corona virus, is spreading through the world at an alarming rate. Unfortunately for those who are currently incarcerated, the spreading of viruses and diseases is a major concern. If you or a loved one has been arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, contact Doc's Bail Bonds for fast, affordable bail bond approval. During a time like this, you do not want to stay in jail any longer than you have to.

Why is the Corona Virus a Concern for Inmates?

It is inevitable that the corona virus will find its way into jails and prisons. This can happen from a visitor, an employee or even a new inmate entering the jail. Recently, a single prison in China reported 500 cases of inmates contracting the virus.

Viruses and diseases tend to spread rapidly behind bars for a few reasons. One reason is the close quarters in which inmates live. There are times where there are four people or more in a single cell. If one person catches any type of virus, it is likely that it will jump to those living with them. Another reason germs spread easily inside jails is because hygiene is harder to maintain. Inmates do not get the chance to disinfect their areas whenever they want, and sometimes access to body wash and hand soap is scarce.

In addition to this, some inmates might be subjected to staying in incarceration for longer than they were supposed to. This happens because during a medical crisis, some government buildings and services may temporarily be closed or halted. Courthouses and judges could be asked to close, regardless of prescheduled trials. Even if a prisoner is supposed to be called to trial or released from imprisonment, they might have to remain where they are until things are back to working order.

What Precautions Can be Taken?

The implementation of a screening system and procedure for infected inmates should be put in place. By immediately separating those who are infected from those who are not, the jails would prevent direct contact between those inmates, stopping it from infecting everyone within the jail walls.

Hiring an infectious disease nurse could also be beneficial because they are more experienced in spotting serious viruses than the average jail healthcare worker. Providing inmates with the proper supplies to stay hygienic and healthy is also crucial. Whether that means ensuring their cells remain clean or providing the inmates with face masks, these are precautions that should not be overlooked.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Quickly Securing Release for DFW Arrestees

Doctors are beginning to learn more about the corona virus, including how to minimize its spread. While people in regular society have access to medical attention and are able to isolate themselves as needed, inmates do not have the same luxuries. When there is an infectious illness spreading around, the last place you want to be is in jail. Those arrested in DFW do not have to worry about prolonged stays when Doc's Bail Bonds is helping to secure their release. Call us at (214) 747-4110 or visit our website to get help immediately. We offer fast approvals and several bail bond financing options.

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