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Why No Showing Your Court Date Is a Horrible Idea

 Posted on July 20, 2018 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

No-showing a court date creates a nightmare scenario for more than just the accused. The most obvious problem to arise is the money issue, but it goes well beyond that. In the following article, we'll be discussing all the ways that failure to appear can ruin your life and relationships. Let's begin. 

Friends and Family

Many times, people accused of serious crimes rely on friends and family to post the 10 percent required for bonding out. That means if your bail bond is set at $25,000, a loved one put up $2,500 on your behalf, provided you were unable to pay for it yourself. 

No-showing your court date means they lose their money and the full amount of the bond is due. Beyond the obvious financial impact of that, you've likely lost a friend or family member you could count on to be there for you during troubled times. 

Your Record

People accused of crimes often are not first-time offenders. As they are drawn into a life of crime, their actions will escalate to more serious offenses. Not showing up for a court date will almost always come back to haunt these people because it shows future judges you can't be trusted — something they'll factor in the next time they're faced with whether to grant bail. 

Your Reputation

Everyone makes mistakes in their life, and good people have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. No-showing a court date takes the problem already created by the arrest and escalates it to the point that it can start damaging your personal and professional credibility elsewhere. 

By failing to appear, the actions against you intensify. A warrant is put out for your arrest. That takes you away from your family and your work. It also damages the ability of your attorney to provide an adequate defense or at least a case for leniency at sentencing. 

Of course, there could be some circumstances in which no-showing might be overlooked — a wreck on the way to the hearing or a family emergency come to mind. But more often than not, it just indicates you're not trustworthy, stacking the prosecution's case against you even further.

No-Showing Is a No-Go

Don't let something like failing to appear damage your relationships, record, and reputation any further than the charges themselves. Doc's Bail Bonds can help if you're unsure of how to handle the process, and we work with you to ensure every step in the administrative process through strong relationships with the courts, flexible payment options, and a spirit of customer service for all of our clients. Contact us right away for answers to all your questions. 

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