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Why You Should Get a Bail Bond Even If You Can Afford Bail

 Posted on March 23, 2020 in Bail Bonds

Doc's Bail Bonds

If you're unfamiliar with the legal system, bailing a loved one out of jail can be a daunting task. If you have a savings account, you might be tempted to cover the bail entirely on your own, but that is not the best idea. Here are the most important reasons why you should turn to a bail bondsman instead of paying for bail out of pocket. In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Doc's Bail Bonds is available 24/7 to help you and your loved one secure a fair, fast, affordable bail.

Your Bondsman will Hold You Accountable

One of the great things about working with a bail bondsman is their ability to hold you accountable after you get released. When you sign a bail bond agreement, you're promising to attend all required court appearances, cover any additional legal fees and stay on the right path. They keep you on track by calling to check in on how you are doing and remind you of any upcoming payments or court dates.

Bondsmen Have Additional Resources

A responsibility of the bail bond industry is making sure defendants stay out of trouble and avoid re-arrest. If one of their clients gets in trouble again, the bondsman will be asked to pay unwanted fees. Our bail bondsmen are ready to give you the help and connections you need so you can stay on the right track. If an ex-offender has a hard time finding stable jobs and housing, their bondsman can set them up with non-profit organizations to assist them in these fields.

You Can Save Money in the Long Run

Though paying your entire bail at once to get it over with can be tempting, there's no need. Just because you have the money set aside does not mean you should blow it all at one time. Bail can be set at several hundreds to several thousands of dollars. A bail bondsman typically expects you to pay for only 10% of the total bond price. If you can't afford the entire payment at one time, we'll work with you to make a payment plan based on your income.

Doc's Bail Bonds: Helping DFW Arrestees Get Out and Stay Out of Jail

No one wants to prolong the bail process, but paying the entire price at one time could be worse for your wallet. Working with a bail bondsman saves you money in the long run and helps the defendant stay in good legal standing. One of the most important jobs of bondsmen is helping their clients avoid re-arrest by giving them resources to get back on track after their sentencing.

Doc's Bail Bonds works hard to get DFW arrestees out of jail as fast and affordably as possible. We are always friendly and professional, and we offer quick approvals and payment options. We'll make sure you know your rights, and we'll answer any questions you have about the process. Call the doctor at (214) 747-4110 or visit our website to get in touch with an agent today.

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