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Will Restrictions Apply if I Post Bail After a Family Violence Arrest?

 Posted on February 21, 2022 in Bail Bonds

b2ap3_thumbnail_collin-county-tx-bail-bonds-for-domestic-violence.jpgThere are many situations where the police may be called to address potential domestic violence. While these cases may involve allegations of physical violence or other forms of abuse, they may also occur because of an argument that got out of control or even a misunderstanding by neighbors or other outside observers. When officers are called to the scene of a family violence case, they have a number of requirements, including informing alleged victims of their rights to request a restraining order. While officers are not required to perform arrests in these cases, they may do so if they believe there is evidence that a person has committed domestic assault or other crimes against members of their family or household. Those who are arrested in these situations will need to understand the restrictions that may apply to them once they post bail and get released from custody.

Conditions of Bond and Other Restrictions in Family Violence Cases

A person who is arrested based on alleged family violence may be officially charged with multiple types of criminal offenses. The most common charge in these cases is assault, which may apply if a person is accused of intentionally causing physical injury to their spouse or another family member or threatening to injure a person in their household. A person may even be charged with assault if they allegedly made physical contact with a family member in a manner that is considered “offensive or provocative.” This means that something as simple as poking your finger into your partner’s chest during an argument could be interpreted as domestic assault, and this could be the basis of criminal charges.

Once criminal charges are officially filed, a person will usually be required to post bail before they can be released from police custody. The amount of bail that a judge will set may vary depending on whether the judge believes that the person is a danger to the community or whether they may fail to show up in court in the future when required. 

In addition to the requirement to make a monetary payment, a judge may include a number of conditions that will apply to a person while they are out on bail. If a family member requests additional protections, an emergency protective order may also be issued. Conditions of bail and orders of protection may place multiple restrictions on a person, such as a prohibition against any further acts of family violence, a requirement to give their spouse or partner exclusive possession of the family home, or restrictions on whether the person can contact or go near their partner or other family members. If a person violates these restrictions, they may be arrested, the bail they have paid may be forfeited, and they may face additional criminal charges.

Contact Our Plano Bail Agents for Family Violence Arrests

An arrest based on accusations of domestic violence can cause a great deal of difficulty in your life. In these cases, you will want to determine how you can be released as soon as possible so you can work to address the charges against you and make any required changes to your life based on bail conditions or an order of protection. Doc’s Bail Bonds can help you post bail and get out of jail quickly, and we will make sure you understand the restrictions that you will need to follow after your release. Contact a Dallas bail bondsman today at 214-747-4110. We are available to help you 24/7/365.




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