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Will White Collar Crime Charges Result in High Amunts of Bail?

 Posted on May 15, 2023 in Bail Bonds

Collin County Bail Agents for White Collar CrimesThere are many different types of offenses that can result in arrests and criminal prosecution. In many cases, police officers are focused on crimes that put people at risk of harm, such as DWI or assault. However, offenses involving the theft of money or other property are also taken very seriously. In some cases, people may be arrested for crimes involving fraud or deception. These are sometimes referred to as white collar crimes, and even though they usually do not involve violence, they can result in financial losses for people and businesses. Because of this, they are taken very seriously by law enforcement, and those who are arrested may be required to pay high amounts of bail before they can be released.

Types of White Collar Crimes

Offenses that are classified as white collar crimes include:

  • Fraud - This may involve any actions in which money or property was obtained through deception. It may include scams where someone lies about their identity or uses false information, such as when a person convinces someone to make payments by claiming that they owe fines or taxes. Fraud may also involve the use of stolen credit cards or other financial information.

  • Identity theft - Using someone else's personal identifying information, such as their driver's license number, Social Security number, or bank account numbers, can result in criminal charges. This information may be used to make purchases, open new credit card accounts, take out loans, or make fake IDs.

  • Embezzlement - This is a form of theft that is committed against an employer or a person or business that entrusted someone to handle money or property. It can range from stealing office supplies to transferring money from an employer's accounts to someone's personal account.

  • Money laundering - When money is obtained through illegal activity, such as dealing drugs, a person may take steps to make it look as if they earned the money legitimately. However, suspicious bank transfers or transactions could lead to criminal charges.

Bail for White Collar Crimes

The purpose of bail is to make sure a person will appear at all required court proceedings during a criminal case. In cases involving white collar crimes, a defendant may be considered a flight risk. These cases often involve large amounts of money, and prosecutors may believe that a person will take whatever money they have and flee to another state or country in order to avoid being convicted. Because of these concerns, bail may be set at high amounts, and a person may be required to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars before they can be released.

Fortunately, with the help of a bail bondsman, people in these situations can pay the required amount of bail and get out of jail so they can return to their lives and take steps to defend against charges related to white collar crimes. Most of the time, a person can receive a bail bond by paying 10 percent of the total amount of bail.

Contact Our Collin County Bail Agents for White Collar Crimes

In cases involving white collar crimes, issues related to bail can be complicated, and coming up with the necessary funds can be difficult. At Doc's Bail Bonds, we work to make the process of posting bail as easy and affordable as possible. We accept multiple forms of payment, including setting up payment plans with no credit checks, and we can also accept collateral until other payment arrangements can be made. If you or a loved one are facing charges related to white collar crimes, we can make sure all issues related to bail are handled correctly. Contact our Denton County bail bond professionals at 214-747-4110.

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