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collin county bail bonds agentIf the police have probable cause to believe that an individual has committed a crime, they have the authority to place that person under arrest. The person may be handcuffed and placed in the back of the police vehicle. Many people are unsure of what happens next. How does the arrest and booking process work in Texas? What can I do if my loved one was arrested? In this blog, we will discuss what happens if someone gets arrested in Texas and how you can post bail and get someone out of jail after an arrest.  

Individuals Arrested on Suspicion of a Crime

An arrest may follow a failed roadside breathalyzer test, an alleged act of family violence, or any number of incidents. Police may also arrest someone if an arrest warrant has been issued. Each case is different, but the process usually consists of the following:

  • Arrest – A criminal suspect is usually handcuffed and placed in a police vehicle.


b2ap3_thumbnail_collin-county-tx-bail-bonds-for-domestic-violence.jpgThere are many situations where the police may be called to address potential domestic violence. While these cases may involve allegations of physical violence or other forms of abuse, they may also occur because of an argument that got out of control or even a misunderstanding by neighbors or other outside observers. When officers are called to the scene of a family violence case, they have a number of requirements, including informing alleged victims of their rights to request a restraining order. While officers are not required to perform arrests in these cases, they may do so if they believe there is evidence that a person has committed domestic assault or other crimes against members of their family or household. Those who are arrested in these situations will need to understand the restrictions that may apply to them once they post bail and get released from custody.

Conditions of Bond and Other Restrictions in Family Violence Cases

A person who is arrested based on alleged family violence may be officially charged with multiple types of criminal offenses. The most common charge in these cases is assault, which may apply if a person is accused of intentionally causing physical injury to their spouse or another family member or threatening to injure a person in their household. A person may even be charged with assault if they allegedly made physical contact with a family member in a manner that is considered “offensive or provocative.” This means that something as simple as poking your finger into your partner’s chest during an argument could be interpreted as domestic assault, and this could be the basis of criminal charges.

Once criminal charges are officially filed, a person will usually be required to post bail before they can be released from police custody. The amount of bail that a judge will set may vary depending on whether the judge believes that the person is a danger to the community or whether they may fail to show up in court in the future when required. 


dallas tx bail bondsman for burglaryThose who have been arrested and charged with crimes will need to understand their options for defense. However, the first priority for many people is determining how they can be released from custody, allowing them to resume their normal lives and take steps to defend against criminal charges. Since theft and related offenses such as burglary are some of the most common reasons for criminal arrests, those who are facing these types of charges will need to understand how they can post bail and get out of jail quickly.

Theft and Burglary Charges in Texas

The ability to post bail will often depend on the severity of the charges a person is facing. The bail amount set by a judge may be based on whether a person has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. Other factors that may affect bail include previous arrests or convictions and the possibility that a person will fail to show up for future legal proceedings.

The severity of theft charges will depend on the amount of money or the value of goods or services that a person is accused of stealing. In Texas, the potential charges for theft include:


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1144844258.jpgBeing arrested can be a scary experience for both a person and any family members or friends who are looking to help them get released. The person who is arrested will be held at a police station, jail, or holding facility, and when behind bars, they may feel powerless and uncertain about how they can get back to their normal lives. A person’s loved ones will often be looking to help them put together enough money to post bail, but navigating the systems followed by jails and courts in these cases can be confusing. Fortunately, a bail bondsman is here to help, and they can post bail on someone’s behalf and make sure the person will get released quickly. Here are some questions you will want to ask when working with a bail agent:

How Quickly Can a Person Be Released?

The amount of time before a person can get out of jail after being arrested can vary. In some cases, a person may need to wait until a bail hearing is held at which a judge will set the amount of bail. After bail is set, making payments and ensuring that all paperwork is in order can also take time, and this will often depend on how busy a jail is on a certain day and time. Fortunately, Doc’s Bail Bonds can help speed this process along as much as possible. With our knowledge of the jails in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and our experience working with personnel at these facilities, we can make sure payments are made quickly, and we can help meet all of the requirements for a person’s release.

How Much Will Need to Be Paid?

The amount of bail set by a judge will usually be based on the offense a person is charged with, and other factors may also be considered, such as the person’s criminal history and whether they may not show up for court dates as required in the future. Fortunately, a person who has been arrested or loved ones who are helping post bail will usually not have to pay the full amount of bail. When you work with Doc’s Bail Bonds, you will only be required to pay 10 percent of the total amount in most cases.


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_541543768.jpgIn many cases, people who are charged with criminal offenses will receive sentences of community supervision, which is more commonly known as probation. This will allow them to avoid serving time in prison, continue living in their community, and maintain employment. However, there are a number of restrictions that will apply to a person during a period of probation, and violating these restrictions may result in an arrest. A person who has been arrested based on a probation violation will want to understand the steps they can take to address this issue, including whether they may be able to obtain a bail bond that will allow them to be released from police custody.

Understanding Probation Violations

Generally, when a person is sentenced to probation, they will need to meet a number of ongoing requirements, and they may be restricted from participating in certain activities. These restrictions and requirements may include:

  • Maintaining steady employment

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