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McKinney County bail bondsman Drug PossessionFor most people who are arrested, the process can be frightening and confusing, and they will be wondering when they can be released from police custody and return to their normal lives. A person can usually get out of jail by posting bail, but coming up with the money to do so is not always easy. Fortunately, by working with a bail bondsman, a person or their friends or family members can pay the amount of bail set by a judge quickly, allowing them to be released as soon as possible. In cases involving illegal drugs or controlled substances, the amount of bail will often depend on the specific charges. By understanding these charges, a person can make sure they take the right approach during their case.

Drug Charges in Texas

For most drug crimes, the seriousness of an offense will depend on a drug’s penalty group and the amount of drugs involved in a case. The state of Texas considers substances in Penalty Group 1 to be the most dangerous drugs, while drugs in Penalty Group 2 are less dangerous, those in Penalty Group 3 are even less dangerous, and so on. Marijuana is not included in any of the penalty groups, but it is considered separately, and it can also carry serious penalties. 

Generally, drug crimes will fall into one of the following categories:


McKinney County bail bondsman Bail RestrictionsFall is “back to school” season, and during this time, many college students leave home for the first time or return to campus to attend classes. While most college students are at least 18 years old, making them legal adults, they have not yet fully matured, and they can often engage in risky behavior or unlawful activity without considering the consequences. If a child is arrested while attending college, parents will usually be very concerned about what they can do, including whether they will be able to post bail to ensure that their child can be released from custody and return to their classes. This is especially true in cases where children are attending college far away from where their parents live. By understanding the issues that may affect their child’s case, a parent can make sure they are taking the right steps to help them resolve these matters properly.

Bail for College Students

After a college student is arrested, they will appear before a judge, who will set an amount of bail that must be paid before they can be released. This amount will vary depending on the offense the student is charged with. For minor offenses, such as shoplifting, vandalism, or public intoxication, bail may be set at a few hundred dollars. However, bail will usually be higher for more serious offenses, such as sexual assault or injuring someone while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Restrictions may be placed on a student following their release, such as prohibiting them from leaving the area or associating with other people involved in the alleged offense. A student will also be required to appear in court for all scheduled hearings during their case.

How Doc’s Bail Bonds Can Help

The best way for a student to pay bail and get released is to obtain a bail bond. A parent can secure a bail bond on their child’s behalf, and in most cases, they will only be required to pay 10 percent of the total amount of bail. A bail bondsman will then post bail on behalf of the student and ensure that all procedures are followed correctly so that they can be released from jail.


McKinney County bail bondsman Bail RestrictionsAnyone who is arrested will want to get released from custody as soon as possible. To get out of jail, a person will usually be required to post bail. By paying a certain amount of money, a person will be able to return home and resume their normal activities while their criminal case is ongoing. However, people who have been released and those who have helped them post bail will need to understand the conditions that they may be required to follow.

Common Bail Conditions

Bail is meant to ensure that a person who is released from custody will appear in court when required. A judge will decide on an appropriate amount of bail based on the charges a person is facing and other factors, such as whether they may fail to appear in court or whether they may be a danger to others in the community. Based on these factors, a judge may also place certain conditions on a person when setting bail. These may include:

  • Travel restrictions - To ensure that a person does not attempt to flee, a judge may require them to stay within a certain geographical area, such as the city or county where they live. If they plan to travel to other areas within the same state or to other states while their case is ongoing, a person may need to obtain written permission from the court. International travel will typically be forbidden until a person’s criminal matter has been resolved.


McKinney County bail bondsman Bail Reform BillIn Texas, most people who are arrested and charged with a crime have the right to be released on bail. However, people sometimes struggle to pay the amount of bail set by a judge, and if they cannot pay, they may be forced to remain in jail while their criminal case is pending. A new bill that is currently being considered by Texas lawmakers may create additional difficulties for those who have been arrested, and criminal justice advocates believe that if this law is passed, it would disproportionately affect people of color.

Details of the Bail Reform Bill

Currently, Texas judges have discretion in most cases regarding whether to set cash bail or to release a defendant on a personal bond without the requirement to pay bail. The new law would prohibit personal bonds in cases where a person is charged with a violent crime or when a person is arrested and charged with a felony after being released on bail or community supervision for a violent crime charge. Applicable violent crimes include murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, sexual assault, injury to a child, domestic assault, or continuous violence against the family.

The law would also require judges to receive training for duties related to setting bail, and it would create a public safety report system that would provide information about a defendant to determine whether they are eligible for a personal bond or whether cash bail should be set. This system would include information about a person’s previous criminal history, including misdemeanor or felony convictions, previous jail sentences, and any previous failures to appear in court as required after being released on bail. When setting bail, judges would be required to consider whether the person is charged with a violent crime, their criminal history, and their citizenship status.


McKinney County bail bondsman for getting out of jail quicklyAfter being arrested, nobody wants to spend time in jail. Unfortunately, some people may worry that they have no other options, especially if the judge in their case requires them to pay a certain amount of bail before they can be released. If you are worried about your ability to afford this amount, you may wonder if it would be better if you simply remained in police custody during your case. However, this can cause a variety of problems that may affect your criminal case, your personal life, and even your health. To avoid these issues, you can work with a bail bondsman to post bail and get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Problems With Staying in Jail

The longer you remain in jail, the more ways your life will be negatively affected. By getting out of prison, you can avoid issues such as:

  • Loss of employment and harm to personal relationships - Time spent in jail is time when you cannot work and earn an income. If you do not show up to work, you will likely lose your job, and it may also be more difficult to find work once you are released. The loss of income can also affect your ability to pay ongoing expenses and provide for your family. Being unable to pay child support and spend time with your children could result in additional consequences, including the loss of child custody. Even if you are able to avoid financial problems, being unable to communicate or spend time with family members or friends can cause permanent damage to these relationships.

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